Hints and tips

  • We strongly advise the use of our handrails at the back of Gratnells Stage assemblies in all cases where staging is not positioned against a back wall.​
  • Gratnells Stage trims or fabric valances are recommended to provide a professional finish for public performances.
  • We will be happy to provide a quote for assembling your chosen stage configuration on site.
  • Gratnells Stage is delivered on pallet to your goods received area. For internal movement around your building you will need to make your own arrangements unless Gratnells is providing a quote for this service (as above). A storage/transport trolley is available to buy on request.
  • Gratnells does not accept liability or responsibility for loss, damage or accidents relating to the assembly of, or activity on, Gratnells Stage systems. (See our full terms and conditions on this website).
  • Designed and manufactured to be maintenance free, the system has no nuts, bolts or other mechanical fixings and no special tools are required in assembly, however, a rubber mallet is helpful when disassembling the unit.
  • When assembling a system, complete one unit of legs and a deck panel to stabilise the rest of your layout (see our complete assembly guide on this website).
  • For perfect results, look at the high quality ‘sheen’ finish on the deck panels and lay them all ‘in the same direction’.
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