One stop stage sets

Transform your hall into a performance space at Christmas, and all year round.

We have a number of stage packages for you to choose from. All are complete and can be joined together or supplemented with additional accessory packs. Each set comes with a storage trolley for easy storage and transport.

Gratnells Stage can be configured in many different ways. Roll your mouse over any of the kits to see some options*.


24 x 750mm x 750mm panels (3m x 4.5m stage) complete with birch front trim panels and two sets of steps.

450mm legs 35
750mm deck bars 58
750mm x 750mm deck panels 24
Birch trims 6
Gap mouldings 5
Corner mouldings 4
2 step unit 2

price only


3m x 4.5m x .45m
high complete kit


Contact us to find out more!

Step-Up quad mini stage


300mm legs 9
750mm deck bars 12
750mm x 750mm deck panels 4
Birch trims 3
Corner mouldings 4
Gap mouldings 4
1 step unit 1

price only


1.5m x 1.8m x .30m
high complete kit




Component Price (£)
750mm birch deck 72.60
750mm deck bar 14.05
750mm deck - carpeted 84.00
900mm deck bar         14.85
900mm birch deck 105.60
2 step unit 198.00
1 step unit 107.25
150mm leg 11.25
300mm leg 13.55
450mm leg 15.85
600mm leg 18.15
Leg extension cup 3.30
750mm hand rail - open 99.00
750mm hand rail - closed 148.50
Hand rail support - top 6.60
Hand rail support - bottom 8.25
Cloth valance - 450mm drop x 1.5m lengths 46.30
Storage/transport trolley 120.00



Circus Curtain Backdrop.
H 3000mm max W 4380mm (3 x 1460mm)
Medieval Castle Backdrop.
H 3000mm max W 4380mm (3 x 1460mm)
Forest Backdrop.
H 3000mm max W 4380mm (3 x 1460mm)
Night Sky Full Moon Backdrop.
H 3000mm max W 4380mm (3 x 1460mm)
Music Theme Backdrop.
H 3000mm max W 4380mm (3 x 1460mm)

Please note


- Free delivery is available on all orders over £30.00 for after sales accessory purchases.

- Valance, in black, is available as an extra from stock – other colours available to special order.

- Carpeted finish, in black, is available to special order – one side only as standard.

- Black painted finish to deck panels is available to special order – matt finish.

- Standard delivery is 7 working days, unless special requirements dictate otherwise.

- We can offer a measure and layout design/quote service, with our consultant making school/location visits.

- Standard kits are available in 12, 18, 24 and 32 panels - other shapes and sizes can be supplied as special order.

- All prices exclude VAT.

- * Certain stage configurations may require additional support accessories.




Gratnells does not accept liability for any consequential or indirect loss, injury or damage resulting from the assembly, use, breakdown or re-siting of Gratnells Stage products and systems.

Users should take care to assemble Gratnells Stage in accordance with manufacturers' instructions, using the safety rails available as recommended and always ensuring all assembly is checked by an adult.


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