Versatile, portable and quick to assemble

The unique design of Gratnells Stage means that assembly, breakdown, re-configuration and re-siting are quick to do and easy to accomplish with no special tools required and no mechanical fixings needed.

Change format from stage to catwalk, artwork exhibition to prize presentation, all from the same kit. With the ability to self-level on slightly irregular surfaces, shims are available for deeper surface irregularities enabling its use at outdoor events too.


Gratnells Stage in action...


Try the new Stage Planner tool

To use the tool click HERE or watch the video below for an overview of how it works. 



A fabric valance is available

Certifications, standards and safety

Gratnells Stage is manufactured to an original design and meets the following performance criteria:-

  • EU certified to 7.5Kn/m2 (equivalent to 750 kilograms per square metre) – will support a grand piano.
  • Step units are manufactured to the legal height requirement of 150mm.
  • The system comes with a guaranteed service life of five years, entirely maintenance free.
  • No sharp edges or folding parts.
  •  BS6399:1:1996 approved


Assembly guide

See how easily you can construct Gratnells Stage.

Click and download the Gratnells Stage Assembly Guide.

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